My one word for 2015…

One word is a little like a New Years resolution though without all the hassle of false promises and forgetting what an earth was it anyway? It allows you to chose one word to describe your year and have as your main focus for completing goals. It started in 2009 and you can read more about it here.

Before I begin, I want to take a look back to previous years and the words I have chosen:

2013 Present- I chose this because present has various meanings, a present, the present but overall I didn’t really get into the spirit of things.

2014 Remarkable- This is what I wanted to be in 2014- a remarkable woman defying all odds of circumstance to come through! I got into it, I wrote a quote I liked in chalk and a big sign beside my bed to wake up to. The art in the frame is by Mandy Steward.


Though I didn’t feel all that remarkable during the year, looking back at photos I think I did great job of encouraging the word to shine through. By: making sure to paint in any spare time I had (early morning/late night), I did a lot of DIY a lot, I helped photograph a wedding twice despite being stupidly nervous, I finished pieces for Art on the street in the Summer and made £40, I stopped blogging and started again because I realised I can’t give up my dreams no matter what, I quit my sucky job, started a new one and I’m studying art too.

So now we are here, in 2015 and my word is…..WILL

Though it wasn’t the first word I came to, I questioned the word intend and intension (as it’s mentioned a lot in Deepak Chopra’s book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success that I’m reading) to the Mr and how though they mean the same, are totally different words and asked if he thought it was a good word for the year. He responded with it is and it isn’t, as both words had a negative reputation used in sentences like I intended to do go to the shops but didn’t make it in time.

I described the one word concept to the Mr again and asked what word would be good for getting my goals accomplished this year and he said – Will. I wasn’t sold to begin with as it is also a boys name but that aside I liked it, especially as he claimed it ‘was a word used in personal development a lot’.


It reminded me of the Will.I.Am album Will Power and it allowed me to make the sentence ‘I will fulfil my intentions’ so I could use my first choice of words in a positive way.

My main ‘resolution’ this year, that I also kept telling people last year is to learn to drive, I WILL SURPRISE. But I also have a ticking clock in finishing this drawing unit of my art course to do I WILL CONTINUE. I also have a long list of unfinished projects, places I want to go, aims to reach so I WILL THRIVE.


I like the fact I can use it in a sentence like I WILL be true to myself and also to have the WILL to do something of greatness.

It’s a word that comes up a lot, I was watching daytime TV the other day and the guest was a doctor talking about people, he said:

‘What we need is more people with will and people with courage’

True, very true. Below are close ups of a journal page I’ve just finished displaying my visions playfully for 2015.

My bucket list items

Endy Things on Etsy

I used to be really into bucket lists and goal lists like 100 things to do in 2016, I still am a bit list maker, just look at my bullet journal and you’ll see! However now I am not as obsessed but rather just go with the flow more, a plan is good but it’s not everything.

Also some things on my list changed as I was changing as a person, they seemed totally irrelevant and pointless. This list is ever changing and edited where felt needed.

I have posts and videos with my bucket list items completed and some links here, enjoy:


  1. Go to Lady Gaga Concert, video here
  2. Get tattoos themed on strength, art, happiness
  3. Eat a dessert at creams
  4. Go to Amsterdam again
  5. Go on Art retreat
  6. Take part in Art Exhibition and sale
  7. Eat colourful box of macaroons
  8. Watch a film at an open air cinema
  9. Go sea Kayaking
  10. Climb Mount Snowdon
  11. Go to a festival together

Bucket list items to complete:

  1. Sightseeing in Prague
  2. Go to a live magic show
  3. Train in Kundalini Yoga
  4. Visit The Golden Temple
  5. Travel around Asia
  6. Kundalini Europe festival
  7. Go to a play
  8. Visit Edinburgh
  9. Sell my prints online
  10. Have my art in a major gallery
  11. Put my Dad’s art in a big gallery
  12. Lead creative workshops
  13. Become a counsellor
  14. Have my Art featured in Raw Vision magazine
  15. Have my own creative space outdoor space
  16. Talk on Ted
  17. Holiday in Mexico
  18. Stay in Art hotel Berlin
  19. See birds of paradise
  20. Win a blogger award
  21. Get married
  22. Have children
  23. Be a creative entrepreneur