Bucket list: Go see kayaking


Last weekend we visited Brighton for the Mr’s birthday, it was hot (just before a heat wave hit UK).

I really wanted to get in the sea and wanted us to try Kayaking so I’d looked up Brighton Watersports to see that they offered 1 hour in the sea for just £10 each- wahoo! I bought the Mr’s birthday GoPro and we were good to go.

Here is a little video I made, it’s short and sweet. I had to listen to instructions from the Mr to steer over and around the waves so I didn’t film as much as I could have. There were so many waves the day we went but you can’t really see that on camera!

Before I went Kayaking I had no idea it was so much work (I have bruises on my legs and arms to show). It is a huge team effort to move and manoeuvre a two person kayak.

It was fun though, going over the waves didn’t scare or worry me as I liked to ride them and it made experience exciting. Plus the sun was out and we had the view of Brighton Pier on the left and the busy beach to look at too so it seemed almost perfect.

I think kayaking down a lake would be good too, more relaxing and less strenuous but overall – it was a fun day at the beach and we ticked something off our bucket list hooray!