Bucket list: Go to open air cinema

The opportunity comes up to go to an open air cinema every Summer and this time I wanted to set the intention to go and actually go to one – which we did!

We prepared camping chairs, popcorn, drinks and extra layers (blankets are a MUST for when the breeze comes later) and set off in the car. We arrived in the open field at The Luna Cinema Ascot, to surprises of a free gin and tonic along with Double Tree a cookie and set up our chairs, behind us were stalls offering hot food/drink and fresh popcorn. It really was an exciting pre movie atmosphere.

The lovely thing about being out in the open watching a film was being in nature, the tall trees and fresh breeze, just being in an open and different environment made it a fun night out to do in the Summer.

We watched The Theory of Everything, a look into the relationship of the famous physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife. The film covered his study breakthroughs, challenges, romantic life, his incredible spirit and the work he carried out. I think the last few scenes really bring the story together and are so powerful, you will have to watch it to see!