Bucket list: Eating colourful macaroons

My bucket list is a long list of goals I want to do that are challenging, fun or to just to add a bit of magic to ordinary moments, it makes it a bit more exciting than an average to do list.

This October on day out in London, a series of unfortunate events – a usually quiet art gallery having a ginormous queue, walking what felt like miles for somewhere to eat and being undecided on whether to go to a comedy night or theatre show with the creeping feeling there was little money to spend (all on my birthday).

Led to a few perfect moments – eating delicious tapas at La Tasca and walking around Covent Garden, they had started putting Christmas decorations up – cranes carried misteltoe and I thought it was a sweet image. We stumbled on a bakery selling colourful macaroons!


Eating macaroons is on my bucket list because I see them in my experience all the time, on tv and in magazines. I’ve always thought “I really want to try them” but the price was hard for me to justify anywhere between £8-£12 a box. e

That’s the great thing about a bucket list, you put it on the list and tick it off, no excuses.

After a sleepy train ride we settled on the sofa and ate through a whole box of macaroons, they are so delightfully soft and slightly chewy!