Remarkable happenings & reaching Mount Snowdon

At the start of the year the Mr was telling me about mountain bothies, how there are remote buildings all around the country for which owners have no use for, so walkers make use of their shelter to get warm or as somewhere to sleep for a night.

I was intrigued about this possibility, especially as a few years back we wild camped and while I loved that experience I also really wanted more comfort and dryness to our experience this time round. I wrote ‘Be mountain bothies and climb Snowdon’ on my 100 things to do in 2016 in my Shining Year Workbook.


Valentines was coming up and felt like doing something more memorable than giving each other a card and an overly priced last minute present. I mentioned to the Mr the possibility of going to Snowdon, I had a few days off coming up, we had money for petrol and wild camping was free. I arranged cat care for a few days and bought a bag of giant marshmallows.

In the days after the Mr kept messaging me updates of pictures of Snowdon on Twitter and Instagram and the temperatures. It was hard to believe there could be so much snow and freezing temperatures. Wild camping was off the cards.
Camping was to be our very last option, through an evening of researching campsites I came across Snowdon Inn bunkhouse for just £35 a night and booked it!

The quirky tiny house for two was perfect for our short stay; we roasted marshmallows on the fire, had cooking equipment, a table to eat at and a warm cosy bed. I am grateful for so much that was in such a small place, I’d advise booking two nights as somewhere to come back to after the trip.



I realised while getting our kit together my walking boots where nowhere to be found, I’m a bigger size shoe than anyone in my family so I reached out to a friend who said she had a pair in her garage we could look through, I didn’t order any and took a chance on that. When the time came to looking for them, I prepared myself for a morning of clambering over items to get some old boots, when in fact they were right there at the front of the garage! They turned out to be the best boots I could have ever borrowed!


Two days before our trip we kept seeing more and more pictures of snowy Snowdon and notes that crampons and ice axes were essential for our trip and paid for the last minute expensive items, even though it was supposed to be a low budget trip. As it turns out the £10 crampons were completely useless, holding clumps of snow to our boots and mine fell off while walking. Though if we hadn’t of got crampons we wouldn’t have bothered with £60 ice axes which, for this trip were ESSENTIAL, we used them throughout and we couldn’t of done the trek without them!



We had planned to drive early morning Tuesday to get to Wales around midday and trek that same day, then check in afterwards having accomplished our goal of getting to Mount Snowdon. The morning we were due to leave the Mr decided to turn our plan on it’s head to arrive there and stay a night then do the trek the day after feeling fresh, technically both plans would work so we agreed and went with the new plan.

This way the drive happened to be the most scenic and at times scary because of the drop below but was beautiful in the daylight. Also the Mr had read that Tuesday would be freezing rain at the bottom and 60-80 mph wind at the top whereas Wednesday forecasted 20-30 mph wind and heavy snow. Taking a short walk down the Rhyd Ddu path from the carpark on Tuesday we experienced the heavy winds, being blown to one side. Whereas the following day nearing the top of the summit on the Wednesday I felt no wind, we trenched through thick snow, used our ice axes to climb to the top and slid down the snow some of the way down! It was a climb but it was FUN!



The last stretch before the summit was the hardest, walking through thick snow across a narrow ridge, then upwards using my ice axe to grip and pull myself upwards and hearing a reservoir but not seeing it though poor visibility made the experience magical. It was on the trek up, feeling hot with my many layers, tired from climbing with the thought ‘keep going’ ‘keep at a good pace, no stopping’ going through my mind that the Mr said ‘It’s here! We’ve reached the top.’ Reaching the top is an incredible experience it is so quiet and still, also because of the season we went we were the only ones there.


Tucking into my Trek bar at the top tasted amazing after such a long time walking with breaks for nuts and jelly babies. I stood in the cubby hole under the icicles while the Mr took photos, I opened up my new Rumi book Whispers of the beloved and read:

‘Deafened by the voice of desire
you are unaware the Beloved
lives in the core of your heart.
Stop the noise,
and you will hear His voice
in the silence.’ -Rumi


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