Starting out this shining new year 2016

wrkbk1I bought myself two great presents while Christmas shopping in December:

1) Assertiveness for Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue I finished this morning and it is fabulous, I’ll be writing some notes on that later for sure!

2.) Leonie Dawson’s Shining Year Life Workbook, Diary and Calendar (I also bought the business workbook pdf later).

I started filling out my beautiful workbook in the lead up to the holidays and Christmas day we had a day of lounging around and I collaged! SO MUCH FUN :)

These products are AMAZING! Already they are transforming my attitude towards this new year, I’m getting more done and moving in a new direction towards what I really want.

Things I love about the workbook – you reflect honestly about your trials and triumphs from the past year, dream small and dream big, there is tons of writing space, the pages are so colourful and I can add stuff in altering it as much as I want!

I’m really enjoying using the Shining year diary too and calendar, through getting more on track I’ve organised myself blogging and notes folders, I’ll post those separately.

Another thing I’m really getting into is the Life book groups on Facebook. I’m telling you this year is about connection! I can almost here the whispers of a creative tribe forming.

I’ve nominated myself to host an online meet up each month, something I almost did a while back (got nervous) and this time I’m going to see it through. Links will be up soon!

Enjoy the pages, grab your own at Leonie Dawson’s shop.





The dates changed but I did go away on Kundalini weekend!



I did some of these, list here.


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