Vision boards looking back at 2015 – forward to 2016

I spent the first few days of January filling out My Shining Year Workbook and I bought the business e version, both by Leonie Dawson.

I’ll show my visions for 2016 but first I’ll share my board from last year, this vision board has been on my bathroom wall all year. The middle part I got the idea from the chapter ‘How whole is your whole life?’ in Susan Jeffers book Feel the fear and do it anyway. At the time it affirmed all areas of my life and was a useful reminder throughout the year. Especially the words “I’ll handle it” and “Get into the flow of life”.


As you can see from the pink circles I did and got a few of the things I’d planned and wanted. We went sea Kayaking in Brighton, saw a film in an open air cinema, got a Gopro video camera, and I got the ikea unit in the picture, it now makes up my creative space!

The sayings ‘Make happiness a habit’ and ‘Your vibe attracts your tribe’ also had an impact on 2015 as I have found more happiness, even just in my attitude there is a difference. I’ve also connected with people who have similar values/interests.

The thing I notice so much about this vision board now is how much it’s focused on things and experiences, sure it’s saying what I want, but what about what I want to feel?

My 2016 vision boards are all about feelings!


These boards may seem a bit spacious and the reason for that is I stuck a lot of words and images into my workbook! There is nothing better than making something mine then collaging.

The bigger vision board is in my bathroom again, now I’m no feng shui guru but my previous board was above a bin, this one is on the door where I can still see it everyday but it is pleasantly put up away from anything else.

My visions are about moving towards and working on what feels right and right now that is in the direction of Yoga, painting, writing and spirituality. For Brave Creators to thrive in creativity and abundance! Also to have date days/nights and to go on holidays and explore!

“Those who don’t jump will never fly” – Audrey Hepburn


My smaller board is on my pin board by my computer, I took down my Nov-Dec full moon board and there was a blank space so I filled it.

The visions and messages are more of the same, I wasn’t as interested in pictures than previous years, this time it was all about words! The image of people together as friends symbolises connection and is taken from the book All I did was listen by Rachel Awes.

“I am letting in kindness and people who help me bloom”- Rachel Awes

I’ve taken out a bunch of the pages from her book and put them around the place as reminders for my wonderful creative journey and year ahead.

Here’s to a great new year whoever you are and whatever journey you find yourself on, keep going, reach!

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