On finally learning to drive

As a newly passed driver, I take a look back at a very early limitation I set upon myself, it came up lately from another person were the words ‘I can’t imagine you….’ This can be depleting and destructive to a sensitive persons spirit and it’s as if subconsciously I heard ‘I guess I’ll never drive then’.

I first experienced the term before I got into personal development back when I was teenager, I remember thinking about driving and seeing, hearing of other 17 year olds driving and think ‘I can’t imagine myself driving’.

Little did I know back then that this was indeed the uncertain voice of fear creeping in. I wish I could go back to that 17 year old and say what I say now- ‘Just because you can’t imagine it, doesn’t mean it can’t happen.’

Other reasons I didn’t drive were that I felt less of a need to as I walked everywhere and enjoyed it. I didn’t know how a car worked (of course I didn’t have to know everything then, that comes in time being taught), I was just totally unconfident in some areas of my life, I see that now.

Here are some hints for learning to drive:

  • Start from where you are – make enquiries, gather learning material, start small
  • Ask around – through talking about driving, I was told of great teacher!
  • Visualise it – it just so happens the very car I put on my 2015 vision board I now drive and own!
  • Meditate – after I started yoga driving became so much more stress free, having a calm mind makes the hard so much easier.
  • Affirm it – cycling to work I used to repeat to myself ‘I AM driving a car’ as I was peddling up a hill.
  • Be positive – half of what determines how you drive is your outlook and attitude so be positive, we learn from experience.
  • Practice, practice, practise – even when you don’t feel like doing it
  • Follow other steps – Finish your goal with any other programs you feel you need to sign up for and set mini goals. I did pass plus then set and met the intention of driving to yoga class, a further away art gallery, the beach and so on.

Some driving goals I set for myself and completed:



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