Painting with fire: Connected and course completion

Painting with fire officially finished 6 days ago and with some determination and cheers of encouragement from the face book group I have finished my final painting!

This one I am calling ‘Connected’ as that’s what I feel the two people are, I won’t write an analytical report on this painting as I feel this is my most true and raw piece, paint speaks when words can not.

This painting has been through so many changes – the person on the left used to be multi coloured, then blue! The person on the right used to have big wings and I don’t know why they are nude they just are, that’s the way it is.

I think the ‘windows’ with flowers on the body relate to chakras, I’m doing a self portrait with chakras at the moment in pencil (where everything has to be precise and exact) so painting these loosely was so much more freeing.


Connected makes up the final three along with Women’s Worth and Paths, roads, tubes, eggs.

As I sat outside with my paintings in front of me, Chris Zydel refers to this as a ‘closing ritual’ I could see the path from where I had started and where I had come.

In my first painting I did a bold fearless free shape, then moved on to lots of different elements and detail for my second (both these with some relation to how I felt physically too).

The final one was the only time (so far) that I filled the page with paint and kept going and going because it didn’t feel finished! There was more to show and share and something to say about how I feel (in my mind) with paint!


I am incredibly grateful for this Painting with fire experience as I feel freer with my creativity – I will continue to implement it into my morning routine (a very good habit these past few weeks).

I feel more confidence and ease around a range of set ups and paints and fully alive when intuitive painting, something I aim to implement in other areas of my life!

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