Diana, Herself by Martha Beck inspired painting


About Diana Herself inspired painting

This painting was created while reading Diana Herself: An allegory of awakening a fiction book like no other as it is written by Martha Back, who also wrote Finding your own North Star. Both fabulous books that will install positivity and change into your life in some form!

This painting has gone through many changes, I think around 20+ layers and had been on my easel for a year till I was reading the story each day and what I was reading came through onto the canvas.

The figure is the one thing that stayed, I knew it was going to be the central piece and it worked out well that much like the story, my figure is expanding from the heart centre and reaching out. The words were inspired by visionary artist Howard Finster (1916-2001) who I saw on a Raw Vision magazine cover issue 86.

I didn’t plan to write as much as I did, though I find writing with a paintbrush therapeutic, there were so many good nuggets of encouragement and wisdom from Martha Beck, I filled the entire space!

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