Bucket list: Eating colourful macaroons

My bucket list is a long list of goals I want to do that are challenging, fun or to just to add a bit of magic to ordinary moments, it makes it a bit more exciting than an average to do list.

This October on day out in London, a series of unfortunate events – a usually quiet art gallery having a ginormous queue, walking what felt like miles for somewhere to eat and being undecided on whether to go to a comedy night or theatre show with the creeping feeling there was little money to spend (all on my birthday).

Led to a few perfect moments – eating delicious tapas at La Tasca and walking around Covent Garden, they had started putting Christmas decorations up – cranes carried misteltoe and I thought it was a sweet image. We stumbled on a bakery selling colourful macaroons!


Eating macaroons is on my bucket list because I see them in my experience all the time, on tv and in magazines. I’ve always thought “I really want to try them” but the price was hard for me to justify anywhere between £8-£12 a box. e

That’s the great thing about a bucket list, you put it on the list and tick it off, no excuses.

After a sleepy train ride we settled on the sofa and ate through a whole box of macaroons, they are so delightfully soft and slightly chewy!



Bucket list: Go to open air cinema

The opportunity comes up to go to an open air cinema every Summer and this time I wanted to set the intention to go and actually go to one – which we did!

We prepared camping chairs, popcorn, drinks and extra layers (blankets are a MUST for when the breeze comes later) and set off in the car. We arrived in the open field at The Luna Cinema Ascot, to surprises of a free gin and tonic along with Double Tree a cookie and set up our chairs, behind us were stalls offering hot food/drink and fresh popcorn. It really was an exciting pre movie atmosphere.

The lovely thing about being out in the open watching a film was being in nature, the tall trees and fresh breeze, just being in an open and different environment made it a fun night out to do in the Summer.

We watched The Theory of Everything, a look into the relationship of the famous physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife. The film covered his study breakthroughs, challenges, romantic life, his incredible spirit and the work he carried out. I think the last few scenes really bring the story together and are so powerful, you will have to watch it to see!




Bucket list: Go see kayaking


Last weekend we visited Brighton for the Mr’s birthday, it was hot (just before a heat wave hit UK).

I really wanted to get in the sea and wanted us to try Kayaking so I’d looked up Brighton Watersports to see that they offered 1 hour in the sea for just £10 each- wahoo! I bought the Mr’s birthday GoPro and we were good to go.

Here is a little video I made, it’s short and sweet. I had to listen to instructions from the Mr to steer over and around the waves so I didn’t film as much as I could have. There were so many waves the day we went but you can’t really see that on camera!

Before I went Kayaking I had no idea it was so much work (I have bruises on my legs and arms to show). It is a huge team effort to move and manoeuvre a two person kayak.

It was fun though, going over the waves didn’t scare or worry me as I liked to ride them and it made experience exciting. Plus the sun was out and we had the view of Brighton Pier on the left and the busy beach to look at too so it seemed almost perfect.

I think kayaking down a lake would be good too, more relaxing and less strenuous but overall – it was a fun day at the beach and we ticked something off our bucket list hooray!


My bucket list items

Endy Things on Etsy

I used to be really into bucket lists and goal lists like 100 things to do in 2016, I still am a bit list maker, just look at my bullet journal and you’ll see! However now I am not as obsessed but rather just go with the flow more, a plan is good but it’s not everything.

Also some things on my list changed as I was changing as a person, they seemed totally irrelevant and pointless. This list is ever changing and edited where felt needed.

I have posts and videos with my bucket list items completed and some links here, enjoy:


  1. Go to Lady Gaga Concert, video here
  2. Get tattoos themed on strength, art, happiness
  3. Eat a dessert at creams
  4. Go to Amsterdam again
  5. Go on Art retreat
  6. Take part in Art Exhibition and sale
  7. Eat colourful box of macaroons
  8. Watch a film at an open air cinema
  9. Go sea Kayaking
  10. Climb Mount Snowdon
  11. Go to a festival together

Bucket list items to complete:

  1. Sightseeing in Prague
  2. Go to a live magic show
  3. Train in Kundalini Yoga
  4. Visit The Golden Temple
  5. Travel around Asia
  6. Kundalini Europe festival
  7. Go to a play
  8. Visit Edinburgh
  9. Sell my prints online
  10. Have my art in a major gallery
  11. Put my Dad’s art in a big gallery
  12. Lead creative workshops
  13. Become a counsellor
  14. Have my Art featured in Raw Vision magazine
  15. Have my own creative space outdoor space
  16. Talk on Ted
  17. Holiday in Mexico
  18. Stay in Art hotel Berlin
  19. See birds of paradise
  20. Win a blogger award
  21. Get married
  22. Have children
  23. Be a creative entrepreneur