Painting with fire: Connected and course completion

Painting with fire officially finished 6 days ago and with some determination and cheers of encouragement from the face book group I have finished my final painting!

This one I am calling ‘Connected’ as that’s what I feel the two people are, I won’t write an analytical report on this painting as I feel this is my most true and raw piece, paint speaks when words can not.

This painting has been through so many changes – the person on the left used to be multi coloured, then blue! The person on the right used to have big wings and I don’t know why they are nude they just are, that’s the way it is.

I think the ‘windows’ with flowers on the body relate to chakras, I’m doing a self portrait with chakras at the moment in pencil (where everything has to be precise and exact) so painting these loosely was so much more freeing.


Connected makes up the final three along with Women’s Worth and Paths, roads, tubes, eggs.

As I sat outside with my paintings in front of me, Chris Zydel refers to this as a ‘closing ritual’ I could see the path from where I had started and where I had come.

In my first painting I did a bold fearless free shape, then moved on to lots of different elements and detail for my second (both these with some relation to how I felt physically too).

The final one was the only time (so far) that I filled the page with paint and kept going and going because it didn’t feel finished! There was more to show and share and something to say about how I feel (in my mind) with paint!


I am incredibly grateful for this Painting with fire experience as I feel freer with my creativity – I will continue to implement it into my morning routine (a very good habit these past few weeks).

I feel more confidence and ease around a range of set ups and paints and fully alive when intuitive painting, something I aim to implement in other areas of my life!

Painting with fire: Roads, tubes, eggs

This is my second painting I’ve done in the Painting with fire with Chris Zydel course and it’s very different to my first Woman’s Worth.

I’m finding that although intuitive painting is a process that is done mostly the same with each new paper I start, the uncertain though magical way of painting this way can bring about so many different creations.

This one I have titled Paths, roads, tubes, eggs; as that’s what I saw developing throughout and still relate to now.

I started my painting with my body still not feeling ‘right’ my feminine system felt all out of whack. Though I didn’t talk about how I was feeling all that much, I painted tubes and eggs.
This mountain came from applying lime green liberally across the page in the beginning and over time took on it’s own form. I was drawn to paint a window or opening of some kind.
This was the part that pushed me most, nothing made sense and it didn’t have to, this is a true test of letting go. As you can see there’s a whole combination of paths, roads and streams, a face has been formed with a tunnel for a mouth and feet are walking on diamonds!
Paths, roads, tubes, eggs

This is what painting with fire looks like

I’m on Week 3 of Chris Zydel’s online course Painting with fire and loving every moment. I paint mostly in the mornings as it’s quiet and the sun is rising, it’s very peaceful.

This is my first finished painting I’ve called A Woman’s Worth, you will see why as you scroll down…


The whole course is designed so that you paint intuitively on your own, though it’s as if you are there with the wild heart queen herself! There are notes, videos, mp3s, live spree casts where you can ask questions and a Facebook group too.

Any level of painter/creative/non creative would be suited to this course, though I think this goes deeper than I’ve ever painted before.

You really paint from your whole self, go with what you feel, come up against resistance and it’s a journey, sometimes is hard but you come back to your body and a place of love and keep painting!


A great point that was brought up that really resonated with me as I’ve decided to ditch being an art therapist goal was that art therapy is more about analysis and intuitive painting is all about expression. That’s also the theme of my upcoming goals (and slogan of course) to do expressive art and creativity, to create freely.

The painting below is about opening up, about being whole and free. It is also a giant vagina ha! I’ve also had some small health issues lately with my body and especially female system.

Sometimes I notice I paint them rather than talk about them, you will see this again in my almost finished second painting. They just come through and I listen, following the feeling and guidance from my intuition.

Finished: A women’s worth


Intuitive painting – Breathe deep, go with the energy

January’s free painting marks the beginning of me getting back into my painting practices.

I used small chunks of time from the end of December to beginning of January to paint. Doing 15 minutes before breakfast or starting my studies, 30 minute blocks on weekends and yesterday I spent two 1 hour sessions on it.


I used tempera paint in my intuitive painting, a rough shape of a face came first then everything else followed. The prompt ‘Go with the energy’ really helped me relax, let go, be comfortable in blocks where I didn’t have any instant aha moments. Parts of this painting really were a process!

I enjoyed it all, I’m even sort of accidentally combining using my fingers to paint on paper and a brush on the canvas, combining both styles on different surfaces- a block I’m really excited to work through.

This is an intuitive painting so I didn’t have any pre thought up idea, now it is finished I will go over some possible thoughts/themes that were brought forward.


The middle of the woman’s body has a hand reaching out from a heart, with vines wrapped around her ribs, pulling downwards. This was the first and best ‘I have no idea what this is/means’ and started to feel like I would gross someone out but I painted anyway.

At the time I thought it was to do with my change in career plans, others opinions pulling me down as I am literally following my heart, it still could be. However as I was finishing, a realisation came that I painted this before I started getting upper chest pains. I’m not sure what these pains me, I could be overdoing yoga or it could be something else entirely. Weird huh?


The large cracking rock/egg with a door on it I think has two possible themes 1. I painted this after watching Being John Malkovich and I painted the portal 2. The person reaching out is my old self/others opinions trying to have me cling onto old ways and ideals. The tall pink lady is having non of it.


The orange butterflies came to me and I can only think that they mean some sort of ‘release’ and ‘new beginnings’ it’s the first time I’ve used crayon and ink pen on paper like this and I enjoyed accidentally experimenting.

The white head wrap has come through my practice of Kundalini yoga, I wear a white one each morning in meditation, the swirls are I think themed on the ‘snake’ awakenings I’m reading about.

I named this painting Breathe deep, go with the energy as I feel that’s what message the image is bringing forward and the words that assisted me to get there.

What painting freely means

Today I filled in the blank spaces and went over parts I didn’t feel as connected to and painted something new over them as I finished a new ‘free’ painting.

What free/intuitive painting is for me:

By free in this sense I mean the style of painting I was doing, intuitive. I call it this as that’s what it feels to me, completely freeing process oriented not product focused. I have a great feeling when I get ‘free paint’ on my to do list I can do just that – paint freely.

I do other art (painting, mixed media) which are partly intuitive and also from imagination and inspiration. I also do a drawing course, they both have purpose and have a mostly clear ending, especially drawing; that has to be precise and have the right perspective, composition.

Free painting is just that – PAINTING FREELY


Free painting is more about the process (it can also be called process painting) and at the end seeing what has shown up. You do not analyse and question while you’re painting, you get into a flow, a sense of allowing and you just let it come!

Intuitive painting is my most favourite type of painting, I’ve shared my paintings before but they have got lost as I’ve changed website hosting over time. I think personally I’ve done about 6 paintings on big rolls of white paper with Tempera paint, Michelle Cassou’s books beside me when I need guidance or a little push.


Another amazing part of intuitive painting is for me, that they are completely personal. I will share photos of them but they are not for sale as some of my works have been in the past. I also don’t get majorly attached to them, I recognise that is my expression on the page, I can rejoice or reflect at the images I see but at the end of it when completely dry, I will roll up the paper, hold it together with string and put it in my pile of free paintings.

I feel happy, proud and my paintings are there when I want to see them again and my wall is free to put up another roll of paper and it’s time I washed my paint box!

So now you know a bit of back story I will reveal my painting, I’ve been doing this same sheet of paper on/off for 6 months which may seem like a long time but it’s free painting, it’s always there for me to pick up again anytime, plus in that time small changes and different feelings come up so it can become pretty interesting!


After painting this I reflected that instead of 30 mins painting here and there, I’d been painting for a full hour and I followed the words ‘let your paint brush decide where it wants to go’ which really got me in the flow. The more I painted, the freer I became and the easier painting came along too.

I wrote myself a message afterwards, the words just came intuitively.

All that is being asked of you is that you tell the TRUTH. It’s yours, you own it –

NOW it’s up to you to share it.